Scouting in Gibsons

JessicaScouting has been alive for over 100 years and is an organization committed to the development of youth. We try to keep the "out" in scouting by using the outdoors to allow our youth to develop skills of self reliance and leadership and the self confidence that accompanies them.

Can you imagine your teenage son or daughter being capable of planning a week hiking or canoeing camping trip, from planning transportation, the route, the food and menu as well as assessing and mitigating all the risks involved? All excellent life skills. Have a look at some of the trips our youth have gone on.

Starting at Beavers, aged 5 - 7, our program allows the youth to become "Friends of the Forest" and are introduced to Caring and Sharing as part of their Beaver Colony.

Cubs, ages 8 - 10, learn to work as teams in "Sixes", introducing them to leadership of small groups as Sixers and Seconds as well as being part of a larger group "Pack". The program is based on Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" to keep things interesting. The Cubs start to learn outdoor skills and enjoy the camping experience.

From age 11 - 13 the youth become part of the Scout Troop. Scouts go on to further develop their outdoor  and leadership skills. Scouts are challenged, again in small groups called Patrols. The more experienced Patrol Leaders pass on skills to the younger scouts whilst planning their own program activities and camps, complete with learning to set and budgets.   (If there is no Venturer Company, scouts can continue to the age of 16). Scout leaders guide and coach their scouts to achieve their goals through a Scout Badge System, culminating in the Chief Scout Award.

The youth then move up to become part of the Venturer Company, from 14 - 17. The Venturers form their own executive, electing their President, Secretary, Treasurer and other executive Members at Large. The Venturer Program leads to the Queen Venturer Award. Requirements are very similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Often youth complete both at the same time. Venturers no longer have "Leaders" - they have "Advisors" and their motto is "Challenge".

Rovers are our Young adults that still enjoy being with other Rovers enjoying the outdoors. They are often Scout or Cub leaders or leaders in training and their motto is "Go Beyond".

To learn more about the scout section for your child, our leaders, their screening and training, please contact us.