Booking Policies

Who may rent the Camp

The camp is primarily for the use of Scouting and Guiding Groups but may be rented by other Youth related organizations as approved by the Camp Committee. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel use of the camp at any time.


Non Scouting Groups must provide proof of insurance.

Booking and Reservation Policy

By emailing, phoning in or in any other manner making your booking, you and your group are acknowledging that you have read and understand the risks, responsibilities and rules of the camp and that you and your group will abide by these and agree to pay the applicable deposit and fees.

Bookings are accepted on a first come first served basis. The preferred method of booking is by email (see Bookings Page). But you can always do it the old fashioned way over the phone method by calling Pauline Attle-Billey at (604) 741-3508. Leave message if necessary and please include a first and second weekend choice.

The Camp Burley Coordinator will tell a prospective renter, which dates are available, but will only hold a tentative date for 2 weeks. A deposit of $50 may be required.

Should a renter cancel within 1 month of the Camping Date, the Property Coordinator will endeavor to find a replacement booking. If successful, the renter will be refunded monies paid. If unsuccessful, the renter will be refunded monies paid less the deposit amount. This policy is to ensure that there is neither loss nor profit made from a cancellation.

A weekend booking includes use of the site from 4 pm Friday until 2 pm Sunday afternoon. Whether one or two nights are requested, the full weekend rate is required. A day is from 4 pm till 2 pm. (If the camp is available, early arrival or later departure may be possible)