Camp Rules

The Camp Law is the Scout Law.

  1. Group leaders are responsible for their youth at all times.
  2. No alcohol, drugs or tobacco possession or consumption is permitted on the premises.
  3. No open fires during the summer season (June - September) or as per provincial backcountry guidelines outside of this season. When permitted, open fires will only be in a designated, existing fire circles.
  4. There is to be no trespassing onto other properties or subdivisions.
  5. The camp shall not be used without a proper booking and fee payment.
  6. Do not block the road or driveways with vehicles.
  7. Road access to the sites must be left clear at all times for emergency vehicle access.
  8. All noise must cease at 11 pm out of respect for our lakeside neighbours.
  9. Keep the gate closed and locked at all times. This discourages "local partiers" from venturing into camp. The gate is a shared access to the lake with the subdivision residents.
  10. When leaving site, ensure all barrier chains and gates are locked and return the key(s)

Camping Practice

  1. Remember, Burley is a Wilderness Camp. Each group is to arrive self sufficient for all camping needs.
  2. Everything brought onto the site by the group is to be removed by the group. All garbage is to be packed out. Garbage can be taken to the Pender Harbour Landfill
  3. The cook shelters must be used for all cooking in Sites 1 & 2.
  4. Food must be properly contained within the cooking areas. There are Bears and other wildlife in the area.
  5. Grey water disposal per good camping practice and at least 25m from the lake and camp site areas. Food residue must be strained and put in Garbage. The KYBOs (outhouses) are not to be used for Grey Water.
  6. KYBOs are available and are to be used for bodily functions only and are to be left in better condition than found.
  7. Sound conservation and environmental practices shall be observed. No standing trees or vegetation are to be cut or harmed.

Risk Management

  1. All Scout Groups are required at minimum to follow Scouts Canada's procedures per the Camping/Outdoor Activity Guide.
  2. Each Scout Group must obtain their own signed Camping And Outdoor Activity Application Form. See Local Emergency information for more details.
  3. Group leaders are responsible for providing their own safety checks and adequate water activity supervision for youth within 3m of the water, on the docks or on/in the water.
  4. Each participant must have a Permission to Camp form and Physical Fitness Form signed.