Burley Calendar and News

Due to the problems with viewing the Burley Calendar the following bookings are repeated below and are for the fiscal year of Sept 2021 to Aug 2022
   September 10th to 12th: 1st Elphinstone Rangers (2 leaders, 2 youth)
   September 25th: Pender Harbour Brownies Day Camp
   October 2nd: Elpinstone Girl Guides (12 adults, 25 youth) 
   October 22nd to 24th: 1st Laityview Cub Pack  (cancelled)  
   November 11th to 14th: 1st Gibsons Scouts (cancelled)
   November 19th to 21st: 40th Marpole (4 leaders, 9 youth)
   May 13th - 15th: GGC - Tetrahedron District (Girl Guides) - Canoe Training
   June 10th - 12th: GGC - Tetrahedron District (Girl Guides) - Canoe Training
   June 18th - 1st Laityview Cub Pack