1st Gibsons Fees and Expenses

Scouts Canada registration fees vary annually, normally with a discount for early registration in July for the following year. For the 2017 / 2018 year the fee is $215.00 and provides membership till 31 August 2018 

Registration fees are not used for program activities, they are sent to scouts.ca and pay for insurance, training, and other resources that support our local activities. All local activities are paid for with funds earned in fund raising, grants from local community groups, and gaming grants. 
Most camps will also include an additional fee for parents.  The camp fee typically just covers the food budget.  All program supplies, camp fees, transportation etc, are paid for from group funds. Since your youth would be eating at home if they were not at camp, this should result in an additional impact on your household budget.
Some special camps do require additional fees to cover the expense of special programs.  These fees are only charged if there is not enough money from fund our fund raising efforts to cover it.